• Feel Great In your Clothes, Lose Weight, and Boost Energy.
  • Physician formulated Program, Designed to Reset your Metabolism for Truly Sustainable Weight Loss.

  • Studio Lean Box Including All the Tests and Supplements You Need to Figure Everything Out.

  • Studio Lean Program – Step by Step Guidance in an Online Program Meticulously Compiled for You.

*Usual retail value $1997, available while stocks last.

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Dr. Roy is an Osteopathic Physician who is Board Certified and Fellowship trained as an expert in Anti-Aging, Corrective, and Functional Medicine. She has pioneered Studio Lean, a unique and progressive fat loss program. Her approach to medicine takes root in the reasons she became a doctor – always being one to tackle problems and seek answers at the very heart of the matter.

Dr. Roy has rapidly ascended to become a true pioneer in the fitness industry by focusing on the root cause of the problem while restoring function and improving foundational health and wellness.

How is Studio Lean different from the thousands of other weight loss programs OUT THERE?

Studio Lean is different from every mainstream weight loss program, because people secure their wellness with every detail of this protocol, supporting their health and body on a foundational level!

The Studio Lean protocol is founded on nearly two decades of sustainable fat loss case studies by Dr. Lisbeth Roy D.O. Using a powerful data driven response to weight loss Studio lean can help you achieve the results you are looking for.

Other programs guide you to lose weight in ways that are often not sustainable, as soon as you quit that fancy new fad diet you pack the pounds back on, not to mention you feel terrible the entire time!

Studio Lean is not just any weight loss program, its a guide to losing your weight as a byproduct of achieving a perfectly harmonious healthy body.


Studio Lean has been a life changer for me. For years I struggled with my losing my baby weight. Now I have an unshakable confidence! I'm living my best life, wearing a bikini, and feeling beautiful as a mother of two boys. If you're thinking about Studio Lean DO IT!

Anne Ayers, Studio Lean Alumni

This time last year, I was controlled by my food cravings. Thanks to Studio Lean, that is no longer my reality. I finally enjoy healthy meals that support my metabolism! I lost 20 pounds on Studio Lean and I feel amazing!

Sunny Arfa, Studio Lean Alumni

I've tried every diet under the sun, TWICE & found no long term success. Studio Lean is the only program that I've continued to lose weight even after it was finished. I lost over 40 pounds thanks to Studio Lean!

Blanca Greenstein, Studio Lean Alumni

Thanks Studio Lean! Studio Lean should be nominated for weight loss program of the year. Studio Lean is great. It's exactly what I've been looking for.

Lottie Peters, Studio Lean Alumni


Nutrition Guidance

The Studio Lean Program guides you to eat clean, basic, and healthy meals that reduce inflammation, reboot your metabolism, and improve nutrient absorption.

Physician Designed Protocol

The Studio Lean protocol is founded on nearly two decades of sustainable fat loss case studies by Dr. Lisbeth Roy D.O. She has found that when you support the body to rebalance itself on a foundational level, you can achieve unrivaled transformation fat loss results

Super Food Supplements

Studio Lean comes with a value packed box of high quality, super food infused, plant-based supplements. These supplements will support the metabolic reset and detoxification phases of the Studio Lean Program.

Studio Lean Community

When you join the Studio lean community you are joining a support group of thousands of people just like you. You can be inspired by your fellow allumni or you can serve as an inspiration to those who are trying to find their way.

Recipes & Resources

The Studio Lean Program is focused to help you achieve sustainable results. What we know after TWO decades, is that sustainable change is possible through consistency. This is why we provide you with MORE THAN ENOUGH resources, so you feel inspired, informed, & supported, every day.

Virtual Program

The Studio Lean Program is 100% virtual. Which includes, videos, emails, and other health supportive resources. These resources are designed to keep you on track to become your BEST & LEANEST regardless of your location! 

How Studio Lean Works?

Studio Lean is a 58-days physician formulated, body reset, fat loss program designed to support sustainable weight loss, improve your immune system and boost your metabolism.


  • A Full Metabolic Reset, which allows you to reset your body chemistry, shedding fat and building lean muscle.
  • A Full Cellular Detox, which removes toxics from the body and speeds up the fat burning process, which eliminates food cravings.
  • A Full Transformation and Rebalance of your Body's Hunger-Related Hormones, so you can continues to become your BEST & LEANEST from the inside out!

Whats included in my studio lean kit?


  • Metabolic Support Drops
  • Appetite and Energy Support Drops
  • Dextox Superfoods Capsules
  • Urine Stripes
  • Guidebook and recipies
  • Flashdrive including all Studio Lean documents



Will my energy level change while on the program?

Yes, your energy level may fluctuate throughout the program, however normal activities will not be affected. For the first week of the program, you may feel a little sluggish as your body releases toxins. However, the specialized, physician-designed supplement regimen that accompanies this program, includes Appetite and Energy Support to minimize these effects.

Do I need assistance from my primary doctor?

If you are currently taking prescription medication, it is strongly recommended that you maintain good communication with your primary care physician. 

How much can I expect to lose?

The rate of your fat loss is related to many factors such as hydration, exercise and cellular health. Many members lose 1/2 pound to 1 pound per day starting the first week. It is recommended that you measure your body once a week on the same day each week to accurately assess progress. Many members lose more inches than pounds.

The most significant transformations are members who remain committed to step by step protocol provided in Studio Lean. When you do this, expect to experience amazing results!

Will I feel hungry while on the program?

You should not feel hungry if you follow the Studio Lean protocol. Fat is being mobilized and burned as fuel for the body. The Appetite & Energy Support Drops also help reduce potential hunger pains and increase your energy.

If you are experiencing excessive hunger, do the following:

- Do not exceed 20-25 minute workouts daily.

- Drink at least 100 oz of water daily.

- Sleeping 7-9 hours a night.

Can I drink alcohol while on the program?

Alcohol contributes to weight gain – limit alcohol even after you have completed the program and reached your fat loss goals.

The calories in each alcoholic beverage are not the only contributing factor to weight gain. Alcohol slows the metabolism and induces cravings for fat and carbohydrates.

Have you ever wondered why you can’t seem to live without a fat, greasy burger and fries after a night of drinking? Why counteract the detoxification you worked so hard to achieve? Drinking in moderation after the program is always best practice.

Will I keep the weight off?

Yes! When the protocol is followed, the Studio Lean program acts to reduce the yellow fat in the body – the fat responsible for unhealthy inflammation. High levels of inflammation is often the primary cause of a “broken” metabolism.

Studio Lean strives to repair the metabolism which helps you sustain your fat loss when you return to a healthy, balanced diet and a lifestyle that includes routine physical activity and avoids processed and junk foods.

Is there a vegetarian or vegan option for Studio Lean?

Yes. To ensure you get plenty of the necessary nutrients, we offer ProRX7, as a vegetarian meal replacement shake or ProVega, a vegan meal replacement shake, to substitute for the required animal protein sources. If you are vegetarian, organic cage-free eggs, goat cheese and plain Greek yogurt are also good sources of protein options during the program.

What will I get upon purchasing the Studio Lean Program?

Your Studio Lean kit will include:

  • Metabolic Support Drops
  • Appetite & Energy Support Drops
  • Detox Superfoods Capsules
  • Urine Strips
  • Guidebook & Recipes
  • FREE Online Access to Studio Lean Membership & Dashboard
  • Flash Drive With Program Documents


Are you sick of yo-yo dieting?
Are you struggling to lose the weight regardless of how much you are eating and exercising?
Are you seeking a weight loss solution that really works?

Perhaps you’ve tried traditional diets that worked and then you just gained the weight back (sometimes more). We know, nothing is more frustrating than this.

“I went to doctors studio because I could not lose weight. Studio Lean is amazing! I have lost 22lbs. An easy plan. I look and feel awesome. I highly recommended!!!”


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